Plastica Valmisa SPA was established 8th January 1972, when Alfio Pianelli, first President of the Board (and sole, until the end of his life), together with other partners, founded a company specialized in the production of plastic bags. Over the years the business expanded and involved the whole Pianelli family, while the other partners took different paths or reached retirement.

In the second half of the 1980s, it was decided to combine the production of paper carriers to plastic bags. At first only the hand finished ones, then, with considerable investments in high-tech machinery, even those were printed and packaged completely automatically and enabled Valmisa to become rather competitive on large runs.

In 1997, with his characteristic farsightedness and great courage, Alfio decided to purchase a plot of land of approximately 4 hectares in the Casine di Ostra Industrial Zone, to concentrate paper bag production activity in a new factory. Unfortunately he could not witness its construction, since he passed away June 1999.

Today, under the guidance of his sons and daughter, Giuliano, Fulvio and Fabiola Pianelli, the Plastica Valmisa SPA group exports 32% of its turnover to Europe and some non-European countries. The company relies on the collaboration of over 200 employees, and has production facilities for around 50,000 m2 (on a building area of ​​240,000 m2). It has all the most sophisticated equipment for extrusion, printing and packaging, without neglecting the handicraft production for all those products for which attention to detail is required and cannot be achieved with an automatic process.

Thanks to the internal graphic studio, the company is also able to develop the clients’ ideas and requests, collaborating with them to better define their image and the advertising message they wish to communicate, both through the graphic design of the product, and with the study of printing techniques and materials best suited to achieve their expectations.

Valmisa is structured to meet the most disparate needs, including the possibility of stocking in house. Logistics department is able to handle orders and deliver to centralized warehouses or in various franchised sales points in all countries of the world.

Our expertise of almost 50 years in the business permitted Plastica Valmisa SPA, today known as Valmisa Packaging, to acquire the necessary know-how and establish itself as a leading company in the production of carrier bags at international level, counting among its customers the most popular brands worldwide.


The Valmisa Packaging Management is also committed to ensuring that customer requirements are defined and satisfied in order to increase satisfaction, through the analysis and approval of the main documents relating to the development of orders.

To monitor and analyse customer satisfaction, the Customer Service managers, submit statics reports to Quality Management manager, in reference to complaints, delivery delays and other non conformities throughout the procedure.

It is the Quality Management Manager responsibility to report to the Company’s Management the state of satisfaction perceived by customers through interviews, suggestions and filling out of forms for monitoring customer satisfaction.

If you’re already our customer and would like to advise if your’re safistied, make suggestions to improve our service or let us know about any problems met with an order, download and fill in form please.

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