Quality, environment and safety policies

Here in Plastica Valmisa we really care about product quality, respect of the environment as well as the safety and health of all our employees.

Considering the market and our stakeholders’ attention towards those topics, we have implemented an Integrated Management System as a basic and essential instrument in order to improve constantly the performances in terms of customer service, environmental impact and general wellness at work.

For Plastica Valmisa, constant improvement is not only a core activity, but a strategic commitment that considers both internal and external factors, stakeholders’ interests, risks and opportunities.

Our Goals

  • Satisfying customers’ needs granting a product/service that complies with current regulations, and that is realized respecting the norms and safeguarding the environment, the employees, the customers and the local population.
  • Achieving and maintaining a primary reputation in terms of quality in its market area.
  • Continuously striving to prevent pollution and reduce our environmental impact.
  • Adopting prevention policies for health and safety at work, processes and responsibilities that can help organization and effectiveness.

In order to reach those objectives, the company direction commits to pursuing the following principles:

  • To document, make operational, maintain our business policy and to spread it to all those people who work for the company.
  • To grant the excellence of the productive process and the product/service itself, ensuring technological innovation, with a customer-oriented attitude.
  • To reach an always increasing competitivity to conquer relevant market quotes through efficiency and internal processes control.
  •  To comprehend internal and external issues that can affect the company capability of reaching established strategic objectives.
  • To identify all the stakeholders, to know their needs and cooperate with them.
  • To define corporate personnel duties and responsibilities and to provide adequate training.
  • To ensure that all the company members share and are aware about corporate mission and know their responsibilities towards it.
  • To promote staff motivation, on each level, by holding periodic meeting to describe the company strategy and the reached goals.
  • To maintain the conditions that allow to consult, and eventually involve, both internal staff or external collaborators to improve the company and its integrated management system performances.
  • To make resources, economic assets and adequate competences available in order to maintain the company management system efficient.
  • To make accountant and involve the company suppliers in the delivery of goods and services, and verify that they are adequately qualified to guarantee higher and higher performance standard.
  • To monitor the environmental impact of our productive process.
  • To keep the paper FSC and PEFC certifications, in order to guarantee and witness the commitment to find products made from wood from forests that are managed in a responsible and sustainable way, following elevated environmental, economic and social standards.
  • To improve our environmental impact by reducing wastes and trying to produce by ourselves the energy we need in our productive processes.
  • To grant that our activities are carried out in the careful respect of current sector legislation and other eventual conditions.
  • To verify the application of internal and external norms in order to respect the current MOCA legislation (Reg. CE 1935/2004).
  • To implement “buone pratiche di fabbricazione” (GMP, Reg. CE 2023/06) to the productive process, and to consequently form the personnel about them.
  • To make sure to keep updated our management system according to legal and technical evolutions.
  • To provide a safe and healthy place of work to prevent injuries and occupational illnesses.
  • To eliminate the risks for our staff’s safety and health, coherently with the most recent technical and economical possibilities.
  • To continuously improve our efficiency by fixing objectives and goals that involve the internal management system, monitoring the results, and following up with prompt actions that can reduce business risks.
  • To constantly promote actions and activities in matter of quality, environment, health and safety.

The application of this policy requires the business system to be appropriately documented with norms that allow to coordinate all the activities concerning quality, environment, health and safety. Such activities should be carried out on all levels in order to achieve fixed objectives.

Business policy should be clear to all the company staff and is therefore distributed and available. Also, it is affixed on the dashboard and it can be consulted by anyone who asks for it.

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